Natacha's Skincare Routine

Skincare Kit

Here at Maison Apothecare, our customers often ask us how best to use the various products within our skincare line and more specifically, the recommended order in which to use them. 

Our Founder, Natacha Rey details below her own morning and evening skincare routines. 
Morning Skincare Ritual

I begin my mornings with 2 cups of warm water & lemon juice as I feel instantly invigorated and re-hydrated.   Many health enthusiasts also claim that it not only helps with digestion but can help with skin clarity.  I also just happen to be in love with lemons ....hence Lemon Aide

Most mornings I cleanse my skin with Cream Cleanser and a charcoal facial brush.  If I feel I need extra awakening, I will place 2 drops of lavender essential oil in a basin with warm water and splash my face. 
I allow my skin to dry for about 10 minutes, I then apply the Day Lotion and continue with getting dressed and ready for the day.  I will usually apply foundation followed by a spray of our floral Toner to help set the make up.  I finish off with natural mascara & our Lip & Cheek Tint.  In the summer I use Pink and in the winter I go for Red.
Throughout the day I touch up with a spray of floral toner. I also finds that this little ritual helps to settle my mind and almost acts as a reset button for my emotions.  I never leave home without it!  
Regarding hair care, I often turn to a dry shampoo to give my hair & scalp a refresh.  Dry shampoo is a saving grace for busy people.  Once I've applied and brushed the powder through my hair I apply the Healing Oil to smooth out my hair and add in some lustrous shine.
Evening Skincare Ritual
When I get home I usually wash my face with the Gel Cleanser.  If I feel I need a bit of exfoliation, I add some Beauty Clay to the Gel Cleanser which gives it a gentle scrubbing texture.  After rinsing I follow up with another spray of toner followed by an application of Day Lotion. 
Before I head for bed, I apply the Brightening Night Oil.  For blemishes and discoloration I use the Brightening Serum but I don't overdo this product, I only use it 3-4 times per week. 
I also have found that pure bamboo pillows are helpful to maintaining skin health, the soft breathable fabric is seems to reduce skin irritations and helps maintain moisture. If I'm feeling a little wound up in the evening I love our Sweet Dreams pillow mist which gives me a comforting, restful feeling (and it doesn't stain my bamboo pillow :)
With my growing bump, I now apply the Healing Oil to my tummy before bed.  If my tummy feels a little itchy I will use the Soothing Oil as it can help with skin irritation. 

It's important to note that with all our products, a little goes a long way to providing the desired benefit, in particular when it comes to our skincare line and various healing oils.
Finally, I'm also a big fan of sea salt nasal rinse to clear my nasal passage for a great night's sleep.  Initially it took some getting used to but now it's a regular part of my bedtime routine. 

My hope is that you'll find our products at Maison Apothecare beneficial for your skin. Should you have any questions about our skincare line or any other product within our various collections, please reach out.