Exquisite small batch products.
Pure plant wellness, lovingly made in Canada.

I was in store today at Niagara On The Lake. I just wanted to say that I fell in love with your brand and everything you stand for!


Thank you so much! I've been using your products for more than a year and love them so much! :-)

Hae Yeon Choo

Love your Lavender & Salt products! The healing salve is so effective - I applied it to my baby's diaper rash and it was gone in a day.


I ordered a product from their website and it arrived in 2 days! I'm so happy with the company and products they sell.


We use the Sleepy Owl baby product line -- it's amazing! It's such a relaxing scent that it even makes us feel sleepy and calm when we put it on our baby before bedtime. 


Love it!!!!! Excellent Products!!!! Will recommend this product to all of my family and friends!!!


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Love this company!! Thank you so much! A business making a difference at all levels. Congratulations. 

- Doug M, Toronto
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